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How to pick a Concrete Coating

With so many brands, materials, colors and coatings to choose from, it can be a daunting task trying to figure out which coating is best for you and your application. Well, don't worry- we have done the research and we can guide you to the right coating for your project. We have a coating that will fit your project, fit your style, fit your goals and also fit your budget. We are here to help! We are prompt, courteous and professional. We know and understand Concrete Coatings better than anyone else in Houston, and we are here to offer you enjoy a hassle-free, professional experience. Whether you need a garage floor or an 80,000 square foot warehouse floor coated, be prepared for a 5 Star experience from Houston's Concrete Coating Experts!

Do you need a concrete coating?

When choosing a concrete coating for your home, office or commercial building, the first thing you need to do is determine why you want or need a concrete coating. Here are a few reasons why Houston home and business owners come to Amazing Floors for their projects.
  • My concrete floors is stained and ugly
  • My floors have cracks
  • My floor is slippery when wet!
  • My garage looks unfinished
  • I want an easy to clean surface
  • I need a durable surface that will not yellow from exposure to the sun
  • I have mold growing on my concrete
  • I am tired of power-washing my concrete
  • Carpet is not an option
  • My employees and customers expect a clean and attractive floor
  • I would like to modernize the look of my home
  • I need an affordable alternative to wood flooring
  • And many more…
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