Expansion Joints

Houston’s Top Expansion Joints Services

Before we offer our high-quality expansion joints services, let us explain what expansion joints really mean? Expansion joints are the bellows type’s device used to absorb thermal expansion. They are also designed for noise absorption, earthquake movement, anti-vibration, and building settlement. The expansion joints are commonly made of metal, plastic such as PTFE, fabric, or an elastomer such as rubber. When these joints are subjected to stresses, they undergo compression and expansion strains. These can be angular, transverse, or angular.

What Makes Us Stand Out from Other Traditional Services

Now you know the material and function of the expansion joints, but how these joints will benefit you once you install them in your house building. To get the best advantages of expansion joints, it is essential to get the installation done by the experts. This is where we come in. Since 2008, we have offered Houston’s top expansion joints services and constantly improved our advanced installation techniques and coating technologies. So, if you are planning to build a vast building, our advanced designed structure of expansion joints will save your building from collapsing even under intense temperature and pressure. In addition, our modern-day expansion joints are made to fight off gusts of air, high-speed winds, shaking of the earth due to strange reasons, and many more.

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