Concrete Floor Repair in Houston, TX

Concrete Floor Repair In Houston

Is your concrete cracked? Are there holes and pits in your concrete slab?
Maybe your concrete has spalling over the entire surface and you’re just tired of the way it looks. Quite possibly, you’ve had an issue with a crack that resulted in an injury!

Amazing Floors offers concrete repairs alongside our coating installations. Could we coat a concrete slab with holes and cracks? Sure! But why not fix the problems that exist before adding a coating that will last for years to come? At Amazing Floors, we use our proprietary blends that CAN’T be bought in stores. Our crack repair formula cures within 15 minutes, allowing us to continue our work to keep most of our coating projects as a one-day install! (Our competitors products can take up to 24 hours to cure. That means that your garage cannot return to service for an extra day!

Our formulas are included in our warranty and are TWO times stronger than the concrete they are binding to. With the proper concrete preparation, our crack repair products allow us to create a smooth surface to coat with our patented concrete coatings. For YOU, this means a smoother concrete surface for an overall better finish product. Whether it’s a BRAND NEW concrete slab or a 70 year old concrete surface, we can revitalize your concrete to be ready for a new coating. In most cases, once our coatings are installed, you won’t even know there was a crack in the slab to begin with.

Our process is as follows;
1. Profile the entire surface of the concrete slab with diamond-bit grinders.
2. Vacuum concrete dust of entire surface
3. Assess concrete for holes, pits or cracks
4. Use V-blade angle grinder to open the walls of any cracks
5. Vacuum cracks again to clear of dust
6. Fill cracks, pits and spalling with our two-part repair liquid
7. Once dry, grind over filled areas again
8. Vacuum excess dried repair material in preparation for coatings

We take pride in offering crack repair as one important step of our floor coatings. The repairs offer a smoother, more complete look to any floor coating. Ask us about our concrete repair products and how we can help make your project beautiful!


If you would like more information about fixing bad concrete and making it look great again, please contact us today.