Epoxy Floor Coating Alternative

Epoxy Floor Alternatives

Epoxy has had a good run as a concrete coating, but with advances in the coatings industry, epoxy is no longer the best option for concrete coating needs. Amazing Floors is proud to offer a durable, long-lasting product in a market that’s oversaturated with epoxy.

Concrete coatings are applied in settings ranging from residential garages, patios and sidewalks, to commercial warehouses, dog kennels and restaurants, due to their aid in slip-resistance and design. With thousands of colors to choose from, it’s not hard to understand why Amazing Floors is catching the eye of those searching for concrete coatings. Consumers no longer have to settle for a single-colored epoxy floor or even worse, bare concrete!

Polyurea, our best product, has been used for decades as a stand alone product for industrial needs including coating of large steel beams, airplane hangers, industrial pipeline coatings and most recently, truck-bed liners. It’s only been accessible in the residential market for a few years.

Polyurea has numerous advantages over epoxy. Some of these advantages are:

– Fast cure time to allow areas being coated to return to service quickly

– Flexibility allowing for expanding and contracting of concrete without cracks in coating

– Ability to be installed during very low and very high temperatures (including humidity)

– UV stability, unmatched by most epoxy

– Longer life-span of polyurea allowing for better warranties for the consumer

Home-owners and business owners alike are now searching for an alternative to replacing their epoxy floors every few years when the coatings fail in their environment. Commercial kitchens, offices, warehouses and even home garages and patios no longer need to be re-coated every 1-5 years once their concrete coating is beginning to chip and peel (epoxy).

Now, consumers can feel confident in choosing Amazing Floors for their project knowing their coating is tough enough to last, even in an industrial setting.