Why We’re Houston’s Best Concrete Floor Contractor

Why We’re Houston’s best concrete floor contractor

For years, we’ve been trusted by thousands of Houstonians to handle their home improvement projects. At Amazing Floors, we aim to continue to be the best contractor possible when it comes to assisting our clients with whatever project they hire us for.

When our family needs a reliable contractor for pool services, painting around the house, window cleaning etc., we always search for the following qualities, which is what we like to offer our clients as well.


We understand the difference between completing a job that looks “good enough” compared to completing a job that leaves our clients completely satisfied with our work. Fortunately, our goals are in line with our client’s needs. We offer a quality job every time and we feel good about the work that we do. From the first phone call to our company, to the last email sent with a “Thank you” from our staff, we know you’ll be happy with the service and work provided by Amazing Floors, because we remain consistent from start to finish.


It’s well known in the home service and construction industry that many companies don’t take their schedule seriously and this can be a real headache for the client. Nobody enjoys being thrown around while attempting to have work done to their business or home. We value your time as much as our own and do our best to ensure that we will arrive ON TIME and will communicate with you in the event that our schedule has been delayed due to weather or inventory. You can relax knowing we will do what we say! Following through on our word is a priority to keep our clients happy.


At Amazing Floors, we truly believe we are using the best products available on the market. We feel blessed to be able to provide a quality concrete coating with the best equipment, tools and knowledge that are paired with our patented coatings. Concrete coatings can range in quality just like any other product available. A critical piece to ensuring our quality coatings last, is the proper preparation required BEFORE even beginning to install the coatings. From our initial concrete evaluation to the profiling of your concrete surface, we fully complete each step of the process to assure our coatings will last for decades. Quality work creates a quality finished product.

At Amazing Floors, we are proud to offer the best coatings at a reasonable price. We would love to offer a free quote to help design your next project. “Thanks” from our family to yours!