Auto Shops

Houston’s Top Commercial Floor Coatings Services for Auto Shops

Every industrial environment has its own unique flooring needs and concerns, and automotive stores are no exception. Faced with heavy vehicle traffic, moving machinery, and abrasive chemicals, maintenance flooring must be both functional and highly resistant. Of course, there are specific concerns and objectives in each auto shop, but when looking at options, there are a few important criteria to consider.

A decent floor should gleam and look nice, but it should also be safe for walking and other daily activities. Unfortunately, the majority of bright coatings are slick, increasing the danger of sliding or other accidents.

Flooring that can withstand the heaviest of loads

We provide an effective auto shop flooring solution that can handle large weights, strong impact pressures, continuous foot and vehicle traffic, and harsh chemical cleaning agents for an extended period of time.

Amazing floors offer an advantage over other Houston flooring solutions. Our floor coating solutions provide a smoother work surface and prevent panels or tiles from crumbling and deteriorating along the edges.

Superior Auto Shop Floors

Chemical fluids are used and disposed of in auto repairs and ordinary vehicle maintenance, which, if not managed properly, can have serious detrimental effects on the health of neighboring ecosystems.

Our seamless resin flooring is chemical, stain, and impact-resistant, with a slip-resistant coating for added safety. We are known as the best of the rest of Houston’s floor solutions.

Our Poured epoxy, urethane, and MMA-based flooring systems come in a range of colors and provide all the durability you need in your auto shop while also giving you plenty of creative possibilities for your display.

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