Top Five Reasons for Choosing Amazing Floors Pool Deck Coating Services

Take your swimming pool to the next level with the ultimate low-maintenance, non-slip pool deck coating provided by Amazing Floors of Metro Houston. You no longer need to live with a cracked, stained, damaged or mediocre pool deck. Give your pool deck a beautiful new look, plus make it safe, functional and fun for entertaining. A high-quality pool deck will stand up to high foot traffic, withstand wide-ranging temperatures, and exposure to pool chemicals and inclement weather for years on end. Whether you are planning a pool deck for a brand-new pool or need to upgrade an existing pool deck, you have great modern options with Amazing Floors Pool Deck Coating Services.

Superior Pool Deck Coatings

Special concrete surfacing of pool decks by Amazing Floors provides advantages over everyday pool surfaces.

  1. The easy installation goes right over the top of the existing pool deck surface. You will be amazed at how the pool deck coating will give the existing pool deck a whole new look.
  2. Simple maintenance and cleaning. The strong, durable pool deck coatings require little work to keep your pool in like-new condition.
  3. Resistance to stains and cracks. The cutting-edge pool deck coatings by Amazing Floors resists wear, staining, abrasion, chemicals and UV rays with no degradation.
  4. Non-slip textures. The special surface coating makes a perfect texture for grip, creating a safe surface even when wet.
  5. Any combination of color, texture and style imaginable. Here is where you can put your creativity to good use to create the perfect custom pool deck for you and your family.

In addition, did you know that pool deck coatings by Amazing Floors of Houston are reasonably priced, and offer a high return value and solid investment for your home? Amazing Floor’s pool deck coating products stand up to constant use for years of poolside use. Are you concerned about the safety of your pool deck coating? The non-slip textures used add a stylish element to your entire pool area and prevent slips and falls.

Discover the Ideal Pool Deck Surfacing Option

Enhance your pool deck with expert concrete surfacing service by Amazing Floors of Houston. Resurfacing your pool deck repairs wear and tear problems, including cracks and divots, but it offers you a wonderful opportunity to completely enhance your pool’s look with nearly limitless color and texture combinations. Now you can update your pool deck surface to increase its strength and reliability while adding slip and fall resistance. Are you ready to talk to one of our pool deck surfacing technicians who will show you the many options to make your pool deck looking great!

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