Top 5 Things You Must Do to Achieve a Perfect Custom Garage Floor

Did you know that you can transform the existing and boring concrete floor in your garage to a thing of beauty—in a single day with Amazing Floors? We make it easy to turn your garage floor into an absolutely perfect floor, but there are a few tips to consider to make the process even easier and more convenient. We can help you choose the best surface treatment product for your garage floor and identify a complementary color scheme—two important steps to achieve a fantastic-looking garage floor.

1. Select the Right Surface Treatment for Your Garage Floor

Talk to our garage floor coating experts about Amazing Floor’s most-effective and durable floor surfacing product, specifically designed to create a long-lasting surface on existing concrete flooring. With Amazing Floor’s high-quality ingredients and proprietary formula, our coatings will provide ultra-durable and super safe flooring solutions for your garage floor. This is very important since a garage is one of the highest-trafficked concrete surfaces in a residential property with vehicles driven on the surface daily. Talk with one of our flooring technicians at Amazing Floors about how our surface treatment product outperforms any other. Experience in a single day, the transformation from an ordinary garage floor to a wonderfully attractive, low-maintenance, stain- and slip-resistant floor. By the way, did you know that our surface treatment is six times stronger than epoxy flooring and 100-percent UV stable? Plus, you may use and walk on your Amazing Floor’s garage floor just six hours after it is installed. Drive on it after 24 hours.

2. Choose a Color that Really Defines the Space

Putting thought into the color of your new garage floor will pay off significantly. Create a more inviting environment, brighten up the space and accentuate enhancements to your garage with the right color scheme. Experience the design freedom with our unlimited color options for your garage floor. We can color match or help you select complementary beauty color schemes for your new garage floor. Choose from a wide variety of beautiful colors and patterns. . Residential, commercial or industrial? Our wide-ranging selection guarantees you the look and feel you’ve been searching for.

3. Prepare the Garage Floor Properly

Properly preparing the garage floor is instrumental in achieving a perfect garage flooring project. We like to say that no matter what type of coating is applied, the coating will only be as good as the preparation. Over the years, we have developed the absolute best practices and invested in the most-effective equipment available today to profile your garage floor. We use a 700-pound diamond grinder to produce a highly-porous surface that is free from contaminants, allowing the special coatings to soak deep into the pores and create an inseparable bond with the existing concrete floor. So, we know that preparation is critical to the success of your garage flooring project. We do not use hazardous, toxic acids. Instead, we take the time to properly and safely profile your floor to create a durable adhesion.

4. Use High-Quality Coatings

For a high-quality garage floor, use high-quality garage floor coatings. Our proprietary coatings are produced to provide the strongest and most durable flooring surface available today. Our coatings are better than epoxy flooring coatings that get brittle, discolor and peel. Our special coatings are made with the latest hybrid technology that makes them four times stronger than epoxy. Our coatings are 100-percent antimicrobial, UV stable, non-slip, impenetrable and easy to clean.


5. Redesign Your Entire Garage

Now’s the time to think about a complete makeover of your garage. Take advantage of the opportunity to reimagine and redesign your entire garage, from storage to additional features in your garage. Think lighting, countertops, storage units, cabinets, electrical outlets and even smart devices to turn on lights and music in your garage. Since items will need to be temporarily removed from the garage floor to complete a transformation of the garage floor, use this process to your advantage by taking the extra step and going ahead with a full remodel of your garage. You may even want to consider re-painting your garage door, upgrading it to a modern garage door with windows and adding other garage amenities to make the valuable space even more usable.

Learn How You Can Achieve the Perfect Garage Floor by Talking to the Experts

Get professional results for your new garage floor with expert help from our garage floor installation specialists at Amazing Floors. We will guide you through the easy process by listening to what you’d like to achieve with your garage and garage floor. We will explain the garage floor makeover process and demonstrate a wide variety of floor coating products and offer you samples to see your great options up close. Plus, we are available to inspect your existing concrete garage floor, measure it and provide a free detailed, written estimate!

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