Patio, Garage Floor and Entryway Get New Concrete Coatings

Jessica, a home-owner in Kingwood, Texas, was looking for a way to add value to her home, while also sprucing up the exterior of the home and the garage. We helped the client choose the color flakes “Granite” and “Driftwood”. (Granite for garage and Driftwood for patios).

The Driftwood polymer chip system brightened up both the front and side patio and has now made the side patio a great place to grill, considering maintenance and cleanup on our coatings is virtually a breeze. The clients were also thrilled to learn that their Harley Davidson can be parked on the floor without the usual damage found with inferior coatings like Epoxy. Another satisfied client of Amazing Floors can now enjoy their garage and patios with their family.

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