Concrete Coatings Preparation is Key

Here at Amazing Floors, we take pride in having knowledge about our product. One critical element of concrete coating is the preparation. One of the many reasons most concrete coatings fail shortly after they are installed, is lack of preparation.

Many companies don’t have the knowledge or equipment that are necessary to properly install a concrete coating that will last. We are often asked why our coatings are able to last for easily fifteen years and beyond, compared to other concrete coating companies products that often fail within the first year of installation.

At Amazing Floors, we take time to properly profile the concrete prior to installing our proprietary polyuria coatings. First, the concrete is profiled with our 650+ pound Lavina grinder while our hand grinders cover the smaller, harder to reach areas. Once our installation crew has determined that the concrete surface is properly scored and ready for proper adhesion, the concrete surface is thoroughly cleaned TWICE to assure our coatings will be spread evenly and absorb down into the concrete, like tree roots into soil.

Without this CRUCIAL step in our process, our products would be sitting on TOP of the concrete rather than creating a bond with the concrete. After the concrete has been profiled and cleaned of dust, our proprietary base coat is applied, followed by our polymer chip system and lastly our UV stable topcoat. From start to finish, we have longevity of our products in mind. THAT is one of the many reasons why Amazing Floors is different!

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