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Transform your ordinary concrete flooring into a stunningly beautiful and durable surface in one day with Amazing Floors. Preserving your flooring is critical in protecting a crucial structural component of your home or business—its ground floor foundational surface. Amazing Floors of Metro Houston has designed and perfected a floor coating system process that delivers astonishing results. From garage flooring, driveways, patios and pool decks, to commercial applications such as gyms, restaurants, factory flooring and veterinary clinics, Amazing Floors designs and creates innovative solutions for every client and every application. Prepare to be floored!

With Amazing Floor’s high-quality ingredients and proprietary formula, our coatings provide ultra-durable and super safe flooring solutions for any space—indoors or outdoors. And, in just one day, you’ll have an highly attractive, low-maintenance, stain- and slip-resistant floor that is six times stronger than epoxy flooring, and 100-percent UV stable. You can walk on your Amazing Floor after only six hours from installation and drive on it after 24 hours. Plus, we have such confidence in our superior products that we offer an exclusive warranty on all our floor coverings.

Imagine your garage, patio, or pool deck revived, refreshed and rejuvenated with a beautiful, safe and durable floor coating surface from Amazing Floors. With our one-day installation, we stand with pride behind the durability of your forever floor.

Transforming Ordinary Concrete into Amazing Floors

Here’s why you should select Amazing Floors:

  1. Unlimited color options. Residential, commercial or industrial? Our wide-ranging selection guarantees you the look and feel you’ve been searching for.
  2. Unbeatable quality. Our superior formulas, technicians and equipment give you the low-maintenance, durability and beautiful results you deserve.
  3. The strongest warranty in the industry. You’ll have no worries, no hassles and peace of mind for years to come.

Why settle for boring old concrete when you can have Amazing Floors? Concrete is everywhere. In fact, you are probably standing, sitting or in some way connected to a concrete surface right now. As much concrete as there is all around us, why must it be so boring? Why not take your ordinary concrete and transform it into an Amazing Floor?

That’s where we come in. At Amazing Floors, we offer a wide selection of options for your concrete coating needs. Whether you plan to transform your garage floor, back patio or the front steps to your home or business, we have a great solution that will give you a beautiful floor that is easy to clean, UV stable, antimicrobial, non-slip and great looking, too!

What Makes Amazing Floors Simply Better than Any Other Concrete Flooring Solution?

Amazing Floors uses a proprietary floor coating product developed by experts in the concrete repair and replacement industry. As the top concrete coating company in Metro Houston, Texas, Amazing Floors is an Accredited Business with Better Business Bureau with an A rating. And our raving fans love our work. Check out our five-star online ratings.

1. Prep:

The key to any great flooring project is to properly prepare the floor. No matter what type of coating you use, your coating will only be as good as your prep. We have invested time and money into learning the very best practices and using the best equipment on the market to profile your floor. Using our 700-pound diamond grinder, we can create a highly-porous surface free from contaminants, allowing our coatings to soak deep into the pores and create an inseparable bond. Prep is absolutely critical to the success of your flooring project. Unlike some of our competitors who pour hazardous, toxic acid onto your floor and hope for a good result, we take the time to properly and safely profile your floor, assuring a durable adhesion.

2. Formulations:

Our proprietary coatings are formulated to offer the strongest and most durable flooring surface available. Unlike epoxy flooring, which can get brittle, discolor and peel, our coatings are built with the latest hybrid technology. Amazing Floors are four times stronger than epoxy, 100-percent antimicrobial, UV stable, non-slip, impenetrable and easy to clean. Our Amazing Floors Evolution Formulas come in many colors and blends to create the perfect effect you are looking for. Our formulas are safe for use in homes, food services, laboratories, warehouses, pool and patio decks and almost any other place imaginable. While Evolution Formulas cost more, they provide you with a much better quality floor that will last for years and years.

3. Service:

Our team members are our single-most valuable investment. Being a small, family-owned business, who we work with is extremely important to us. Our family’s name and reputation are on the line and behind every Amazing Floors project we install. We pride ourselves on being a family business with small-town values in a big city. Our success depends on how well we treat you, our team members and our vendors. We live, shop and play in this community and we are proud to serve you, as well.

Free Consultation with an Amazing Floors Expert

Enjoy an informative, no-pressure shopping experience in the comfort of your own home. Our Amazing Floors replacement expert will:

✓ Ask the right questions and address your specific concerns.
✓ Show you a variety of floor coating products.
✓Bring samples so you can see your options up close.
✓ Provide expert advice to help you select the best floor options for you and your budget.
✓ Inspect your current concrete floors and measure to ensure accurate pricing.
✓ Explain the floor coating installation process so you will know what to expect.
✓ Give you a detailed written estimate for your concrete floor coatings, including expert installation and taxes.
✓ Walk you through our installation process so you know what steps to take next.

Metro Houston Service Areas for Amazing Floors

Amazing Floors provides outstanding service across the region, including:

What Makes Amazing Floors Simply Better than Any Other Concrete Flooring Solution?

Amazing Floors uses a proprietary floor coating product developed by experts in the concrete repair and replacement industry. As the top concrete coating company in Metro Houston, Texas, Amazing Floors is an Accredited Business with Better Business Bureau with an A rating. And our raving fans love our work. Check out our five-star online ratings.


Unlimited Color Options

Residential, Commercial, Industrial? Our Wide-Ranging Selection Guarantees You The Look And Feel You’ve Been Searching For.

Family Owned & Operated

Comitted to providing excellent service to our customers in the Greater Houston Area

Unbeatable Quality

Our Superior Formulas, Technicians And Equipment Give You The Low Maintenance, Durable And Beautiful Results You Deserve.

The Strongest Warranty In The Industry

No Worries, No Hassles And Peace Of Mind For Years To Come.


The Key To Any Great Flooring Project Is To Properly Prepare The Floor. No Matter What Type Of Coating You Use, Your Coating Will Only Be As Good As Your Prep. We Have Invested Time And Money Into Learning The Very


Our Proprietary Coatings Are Formulated To Offer The Strongest And Most Durable Flooring Surface Available. Unlike Epoxy, Which Can Get Brittle, Discolor And Peel, Our Coatings Are Built With The Latest Hybrid


We Believe That Our Staff Members Are Our Most Valuable Investment. Being A Small, Family Owned Business, You Will Find That Who We Work With Is Extremely Important To Us.





Your new polyurea floor coating is easy to clean & resists most staining. Regular sweeping and rinsing with water works great. Interior floor spaces may be dusted and mopped.
The condition of the concrete rarely affects the look of the completed floor. We use a mending product for cracks and the coating covers the stains.
Yes, our polyurea concrete coating is safe for both interior and exterior projects. Unlike epoxy, the coating will not fade in the exterior sunlight.
Yes, you can choose from our standard blends or customize to your liking. Most projects are done with flakes, or flecks, but we can customize the texture, as well.
Most projects take about 6 hours to install. The curing process takes 24-36 additional hours.
Our polyurea coating is slip resistant. In areas that see water regularly, we can add additional slip resistance.
Yes, it works on any concrete, including driveways, sidewalks, and stairs in both residential and commercial applications. Polyurea coating is formulated to work specifically with concrete.
We offer a residential 15 year adhesion warranty (cracks, peeling) and a lifetime warranty against discoloration. We offer a 5 year commercial adhesion warranty.
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