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I visited with a few businesses before deciding on Amazing Floors. My decision was based on their unique process and professionalism. Kayla and her team’s service were beyond my expectations. Our garage floor looks amazing and I’m looking forward to working on my garage project.
Gilbert Pena
Gilbert Pena
20:30 16 Dec 18
Great product and even better people to work with! Very flexible to work with around challenging weather and a move in schedule. They addressed every concern and question we had. The garage, carport, and walkway look fantastic.
Dan Dennis
Dan Dennis
22:24 26 Nov 18
I really would like to recommend Amazing Floors to whoever would like to make your garage look fantastic. Kayla is so amazing. She came to do a very thorough inspection and quote, patiently explain all the work she would do step by step. She is super well-knowledge equipped with whatever she is doing and why Amazing Floors is different from the other flooring companies. She came even on Saturday after the thanksgiving doing the job from 8am to 4pm. She was super polite and considerate to the neighbors. She is reliable and responsible. High Quality product+high quality people+high quality process=Amazing floors.
Daisy Tang
Daisy Tang
06:03 26 Nov 18
I stumbled on Amazing Floors while researching epoxy floors for our new home. And all I can say is, THANK GOD I FOUND THEM!!Kayla and her team are absolutely incredible, and so is the product (which was created and patented by a very gifted chemist). For any of you out there considering buying a traditional epoxy floor, you MUST talk to Amazing Floors first! Their product is vastly superior and the "cost of use" ends up being much (MUCH) cheaper when you take into account they have a 15 year "no-chip-no-peel" warranty (note: traditional epoxy floor life is about 1-3 years before it goes to hell). For about 25% more cost, you get over a decade+ more of use. That's pretty easy math to determine the better value.After listening to Kayla's brief (no-pressure) presentation (and doing our own extensive homework), it seemed like an absolute no-brainer to purchase an Amazing Floor. Traditional epoxy floors in the Texas heat just don't hold up. The heat breaks them down and they look like garbage pretty quickly after they are applied (as evidenced by bubbling, chipping and peeling). We know this because it happened in our previous (rented) home. The tires from our vehicles literally peeled the epoxy right off the garage floor. Pretty distressing for our landlord after making such a big investment. The garage floor ended up looking like a patchwork quilt. Just horrible! Additionally, the process is FAST. Kayla and her team come out with a big truck, their own generator and a big cement grinder. They prep your existing garage floor, apply the product and in ONE DAY, they are finished. Traditional epoxy floors can take up to a week before you can actually put your car back in the garage. I don't know about you, but who can keep their contents (including cars) outside of their garage for multiple days (good luck with all the theft in Houston). We were so grateful how smooth and fast the process was!But at the end of the day, the quality and beauty of the product are what matter most. We were THRILLED at how beautiful our new garage floor looked! We had a ton of colors to select from, and found one that complimented the colors in our house paint. It matched absolutely fantastic and most certainly will add to the value of our home.Kayla is a top-notch professional and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Trust me, she will be more worried about you having an absolutely PERFECT floor than you will be. Her standards are beyond "exacting" and that's exactly the type of professional you want to work with. Kayla came back the following day (her day off) to check on the floor to make sure it looked great (it did!) and that we were happy. Her commitment to customer service (happy clients and a beautiful end result) was really impressive.Bottom line: You are a FOOL if you go with a standard epoxy floor in Texas. Pay a little extra, and get a product that's going to last and look absolutely beautiful for decades to come, all applied in a single day, backed by a company that will make sure you are thrilled with your floor. There's a reason why their business is booming, and they are becoming the floor company of choice for Houstonians (and loads of professional buildings as well).I'd give them 10 stars if I could.We couldn't be happier with our Amazing Floor!
Wendy McCoy
Wendy McCoy
14:12 12 Nov 18
Its now been a couple of months and my floors still look as they did since they were installed even with two cars coming in and out of the garage all the time! After attempting to paint my garage floor with "garage paint" only to have it come up a few days later I decided to call Amazing Floors for a quote. I ended up speaking with Kayla who was very informative and when Kayla came to my home and showed me all of the colors available and explained the entire process in detail I felt good about the investment I was about to make. Im honestly not an easy sell but I felt good about doing business with Kayla. On the day of installation I was truly impresses from the beginning. Kayla and her team covered their work area, used their own generator for a power source, covered up my new shelves, and made sure that everything was clean before they left. After the installation I was amazed on how much of a difference the floor made to my garage especially the next day after the floors had started to cure. Thank you Kayla and Amazing Floors, my floors look Amazing thanks to you guys! I would honesty recommend this company to anyone looking to redo their garage floors!
Erik Gallegos
Erik Gallegos
21:32 12 Sep 18
These people are flooring Wizards!!Showed up on time, did what they said, at the price I was quoted and my garage floors look fanatastic! Comes with a 15year warranty!I highly recommend them, their product & their service. Cool people to work with.
Allan Kelsey
Allan Kelsey
23:01 17 Aug 18
I’m VERY impressed with Amazing Floors. Never having taken on a project like this before, I was clueless about where to begin. Kayla was patient with all my questions, and walked me through all my options. Highly recommend!
Emily Vaughan
Emily Vaughan
18:28 25 Jul 18

Yelp Reviews

Daisy T.
Daisy T.
2018-11-25 21:54:24
I really would like to recommend Amazing Floors to whoever would like to make your garage look fantastic. Kayla is so amazing. She came to do a very...
Bella M.
Bella M.
2018-11-12 06:07:40
I stumbled on Amazing Floors while researching epoxy floors for our new home. And all I can say is, THANK GOD I FOUND THEM!!Kayla and her team are...
Jessica L.
Jessica L.
2018-07-30 21:52:23
We have looked at garages our friends and family have had coated with epoxy based products and were jealous of the look, but did not want to spend money on...
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Concrete is everywhere. In fact, you are probably standing, sitting or in some way connecting to a concrete surface right now. As much concrete as there is all around us, why must it be so boring? Why not take your ordinary concrete and transform it into an Amazing Floor?

That's where we come in. At Amazing Floors, we offer a wide selection of options for your concrete coating needs. Whether it be for a garage floor, back patio, the front steps to your home or business, whatever the need, we have a solution that will give you a beautiful floor that is easy to clean, is UV stable, is antimicrobial, is non-slip and is pretty good looking too!

What Makes Our Floors Better?


The key to any great flooring project is to properly prepare the floor. No matter what type of coating you use, your coating will only be as good as your prep. We have invested time and money into learning the very best practices and using the best equipment on the market to profile your floor. Using our 700 lb diamond grinder, we can create a highly-porous surface that is free from contaminants allowing our coatings to soak deep into the pores and create an inseparable bond. Prep is absolutely critical to the success of your flooring project. Unlike some of our competitors who pour hazardous acid onto your floor and hope for a good result, we take the time to properly and safely profile your floor assuring a durable adhesion.


Our proprietary coatings are formulated to offer the strongest and most durable flooring surface available. Unlike Epoxy, which can get brittle, discolor and peel, our coatings are built with the latest hybrid technology. They are 4 times stronger than epoxy,100% Antimicrobial, UV Stable, Non-slip, Flex with your floor, are impenetrable and clean easily. Our Evolution formulas come in many colors and blends to meet specific needs. These formulas are safe for use in your home, food-service, laboratories, warehouses, pool and patio decks and almost any other place. While Evolution formulas are more costly, they provide you with a much better floor that will last for years to come.


We believe that our staff members are our most valuable investment. Being a small, family owned business, you will find that who we work with is extremely important to us. It is our family’s name and reputation on the line and behind every project we install. We pride ourselves on being a family business with small-town values in a big city. Our success depends on how well we treat you, our staff and our vendors. We live, shop and play in this community and we are proud to serve you too!

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  • Provide expert advice to help you select the best floor options for you and your budget.
  • Inspect your current concrete floors and measure to ensure accurate pricing.
  • Explain the floor coating installation process so you will know what to expect.
  • Give you a written estimate for your concrete floor coatings, including expert installation and taxes.
  • Walk you through our installation process so you know what steps to take next.
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